There’s nothing that excites us more than a rare bottle of whiskey. Our whisk(e)y gurus have been collecting rare and exciting bottles for years and each month he will be picking one from the cellar to share a nip with 23 lucky members.

Introducing WHISKEY 23 – NOLA’s Exclusive Whiskey Club! Join us as one of the first 23 members to enjoy monthly access to new and rare whiskey. Each membership includes a nip of our exclusive monthly whiskey, a limited run bottle of NOLA Whiskey (RRP $200), 10% off all whiskey at NOLA for a year and entry to an exclusive whiskey club event. Join the club today!

Yearly membership includes:

  • Monthly nip of a rare whisk(e)y from NOLAs cellar
  • 10% off all whisk(e)y in venue for the entire year
  • An exclusive club event
  • A limited run members only bottle of whisk(e)y
  • Club keyring
  • Yearly memberships run from date of purchase

Sign up ends on 1st January 2024


the first three whiskies of 23 club

the first three whiskies of 23 club

Sullivans Cove Rare Winter Feast 2021

For the first bottle in the series, available exclusively to our 23 Club members, we are extremely excited to crack this one – Sullivans Cove Winter Feast 2021

Every year Sullivan’s Cove does an extremely limited run of bottles for the Dark Mofo festival, available exclusively at the Winter Feast festivities. Known locally as “The Witches Brew” it’s a chance for the distillery to use their best blending palates to have fun and go a bit crazy, using the full depth and breadth of the liquid stored in Sullivans Cove warehouse to create a truly unique single malt whisky.

Some of their best and strangest casks, mingled with the magic of midwinter in Tasmania, this 2021 expression saw a run of only 110 bottles at 52.3% ABV, the second highest ABV of all the Winter Feast bottling so far. The rarest of the rare – a wolf in whisky’s clothing.

Finer details:

700ml: 52.3% ABV

Age: 11 years old

Region: Cambridge, Tasmania

Bottler: Sullivans Cove

Double Cask No: WF2021

Bottle No: 19/110

Barrel Nos: Witches Brew

Youngest filled on: 4th of February 2008

Decanted on: 26th of December 2019

Pittyvaich 30 Year Old 1989 Special Release 2020 Ghost Distillery

The second bottle in the series will be Pittyvaich 30 Year Old, available exclusively to our 23 Club members, we can’t wait to see your eyes light up when you taste it for the first time.

This elusive 1989 Pittyvaich from the last remaining stocks is the first ever to be finished in first-fill ex-bourbon casks. This finely crafted finishing has brought an exotic, rich vanilla sweetness to the light, creamy, fruity aromas and flavours of a less well known Speyside gem, until now familiar only to a knowledgeable few.

A ‘ghost’ distillery that worked for only 18 years before falling victim to industry consolidation in 1993, the buildings of Pittyvaich have long since vanished. Its dwindling stock is as rarely sighted today as the shy capercaillie, a bird occasionally spotted in Scottish pine forests. Aromas of sweet oak, delicate ripe fruitiness and dried flowers leap from the glass. The texture is soft and silky, the sweet taste rich in notes of vanilla that perfectly match the classic green, creamy and fruity distillery character. It becomes drying in the development, while the smooth, warming finish closes with a final sweet flourish.

A very rare long-aged release of only 7,056 bottles from a closed distillery.

Finer details:

700ml: 50.8% ABV

Age: 30 years old

Region: Speyside, Scotland

Bottler: Diageo

Bottle No: 1 of 7056

Cask Type: First Fill Ex-Bourbon

Youngest filled: 1989

Decanted: 2019

Lark Mizunara Rare Cask Release

The 4th release in Lark’s Rare Cask Series, this single malt is inspired by the elegance of Japanese whisky, crafted using Mizunara oak, one of the rarest and most expensive oaks in the world. Lark’s Head Distiller has carefully selected second fill bourbon casks from their Bothwell Distillery, ensuring a precise and mature spirit which subtly influences the oak, so that the rare Mizunara Oak shines through, from cask to glass. Mizunara Oak is one of the rarest and most expensive oaks in the world. It can take up to 200 years for this rare tree to suitably mature to be ready for the perfect whisky cask because both trunk and branches twist and turn.

Finer details:

700ml: 49.4% ABV

Age: NAS

Region: Bothwell, Tasmania

Bottler: Lark

Bottle No: 1 of 845

Cask Type: Second fill ex-bourbon, finished in Mizunara

Youngest filled: 1989

Decanted: 2019